History of Pokervovo

History of Pokervovo

Pokervovo is the largest city in the region of Eastern Poland. The famous Pokrytelnica is located here. The city was first inhabited by Rus, who introduced Slavic race to the lands and renamed it as Kovno.

It was a business centre. Businessmen travelled here from all over Russia. Russia being then very powerful, there was no place for the local population to grow and prosper. The government and the kulaks and landowners tried to exterminate them but the Kulaks showed that they were resourceful and the rich kulaks gave some land to the local population to use to prosper.

The Slavs who arrived in this region were called from Siberia, they had a very warm climate, mountain tops and snow covered mountains. They had a dark skin complexion, reddish hair and dark blue eyes. They used to live in a more primitive way than the Russians.

At first there was no chicken, but people began to buy the chickens and even brought some cheese to cook and make brown bread. There were many sorts of livestock and the one food staple of all was rye. The local people used to eat it as a meat as well.

There was a tremendous migration in the area after the introduction of wheat and rye. This was brought to Russia by the Siberian people. In the nineteenth century many Polish people arrived and brought with them traditions and culture and most importantly for the inhabitants of the region they brought with them the language. Even the European settlers began to learn the Slavic language.

The early history of Kovno was written by historians from today. History shows that Kovno was once an agricultural community.

When the railroad station was constructed in Kovno, several factories sprang up and the population grew rapidly. When the war started many of the men left for other areas in Poland.

Today Kovno is not only a beautiful place, it is a town that shows its beauty in every facet. It has great accommodation and makes the visitor feel at home.