What is the Truth About the Ratupoker88 Scam?

You may have heard of the Ratupoker88 scam? It is a gambling website where people gamble and they want you to be their customer. They offer online casinos for every gambling game and site you can think of. And they are very good at telling you that they have the best casino and the best odds and online bonuses too!

But the problem is that what you do not know could cost you your money. The truth is that they are making millions every year. I guess because they do not advertise this fact and do not tell people about the online bonuses. Of course this means they make more money from the people who are willing to gamble with them than they will from the people who actually win money. But they will not tell you this.

They tell people that their sites have been rated highly by the people who have gambled with them. This is another lie! As anyone who has actually checked the ratings of their websites knows, they are rated low in their site’s ratings and people do not tell them about this fact because they want to get a commission from the people who have used their website.

So people who do take the time to check out the ratings and make sure that their sites are worth playing with and worthy of the rating they get from the people who have played with their site. They just want to know if their site is worthy of that high rating.

But since the name “Ratupoker88” is so easy to spell, people are going to believe it and trust their stories. And they are going to tell people that their sites are the best and that they pay a lot of money to have their site’s rate so highly.

So all the people who use the site are told about the bonuses, the guarantees, the high ratings. It makes sense because the site would just not make money if there were no people gambling on the site.

So it is not necessarily a scam, but when people have a reason to be lying and telling lies then you can say that they are using that reason to get you to use their site as well. The people who use the site, the people who gamble, the people who use the bonus, and the people who just play for fun and to get the extra cash.

Remember that if you use sites like these to make money then you will be robbing people of their money and your honesty. So take some time and make sure that you find a legitimate online casino for your gambling needs. And you should look for ways to make sure that the sites are not being used to defraud people.